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Joomla Portfolio Component 2.0.2 Released Hi All,
I have fixed some minor bugs. Kindly update your components with the latest release 2.0.2.
There are no database related changes. Kindly unzip the to the joomla root folder.

Fix History 2.0.2
  • Fix For Better SEO (router.php)
  • Fixed All Items ordering (all.php)
  • Fixed All Items Category Ordering(category.php)
  • Fixed Version info (admin.portfolio.php)

Updated files:

  • administrator/components/com_portfolio/admin.portfolio.php (version Fix)
  • components/com_portfolio/router.php ( Better SEO )
  • components/com_portfolio/models/all.php ( Items Ordering Fix, DESC to ASC)
  • components/com_portfolio/models/category.php ( Items Ordering Fix, DESC to ASC)
  • administrator/components/com_portfolio/portfolio.xml(version update)

Update Installation:
Use your FTP software and overwrite updated files:

  • administrator/components/com_portfolio/admin.portfolio.php
  • components/com_portfolio/router.php
  • components/com_portfolio/models/all.php
  • components/com_portfolio/models/category.php
  • administrator/components/com_portfolio/portfolio.xml

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